Bài tập phrasal verbs nâng cao


tương ứng với từng bài trong loạt bài Ngữ pháp giờ Anh chúng mình sẽ cung cấp cho chúng ta phần bài tập để thực hành luôn phần Ngữ pháp giờ đồng hồ Anh vừa học. Bài bác tập ngữ pháp giờ đồng hồ Anh này giúp cho bạn ôn tập cùng hiểu sâu hơn những phần kim chỉ nan đã được trình diễn trong loạt bài Ngữ pháp giờ Anh.

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Trước khi làm Bài tập cụm động từ trong giờ Anh, nếu bạn muốn đọc lại phần ngữ pháp giờ Anh tương ứng, chúng ta cũng có thể tham khảo tại chương: Cụm đụng từ trong giờ đồng hồ Anh.

Với các từ mới mình sẽ không dịch sẵn mà bạn nên tự tìm hiểu vì điều đó sẽ giúp đỡ bạn nhớ lâu hơn. Sau khi chúng ta đã làm xong xuôi bài tập, để so sánh xem mình làm cho đúng được bao nhiêu, mời bạn click chuột vào phần Hiển thị đáp án ở bên dưới.

Dưới đó là phần Bài tập nhiều động từ:

Bài 1:Complete each sentence using a verb from A (in the correct form) + a word from B. You can use a word more than once. A

awaybydownon outroundup

1. The bus was full. We couldn"t get on.

2. I"ve been standing for the last two hours. I"m going to .... For a bit.

3. A cat tried to lớn catch the bird, but it .... Just in time.

4. We were trapped in the building. We couldn"t .... .

5. I can"t hear you very well. Can you .... A little?

6. "Do you speak German?" "Not very well, but I can .... ."

7. The cost of living is higher now. Prices have .... A lot.

8. I thought there was somebody behind me, but when I ...., there was nobody there.

Hiển thị đáp án

2. Sit down

3. Flew away

4. Get out

5. Speak up

6. Get by

7. Gone up

8. Looked round

Quảng cáo

Bài 2:Complete the sentences using a word from A & a word from B. You can use a word more than once.


1. You"re walking too fast. I can"t keep up with you.

2. My holidays are nearly over. Next week I"ll be .... Work.

3. We went .... The đứng top floor of the building khổng lồ admire the view.

4. Are you looking .... The buổi tiệc nhỏ next week?

5. There was a ngân hàng robbery last week. The robbers got .... $50,000.

6. I love to look .... The stars in the sky at night.

7. I was sitting in the kitchen when suddenly a bird flew .... The open window.

Hiển thị đáp án

2. Back at

3. Up to

4. Forward to

5. Away with

6. Up at

7. In through

Bài 3: Complete the sentences using the following verbs + it/them/me.

fill in get out give back switch on take off wake up

1. They gave me a form và told me to lớn fill it in.

2. I"m going to bed now. Can you .... At 6.30?

3. I"ve got something in my eye and I can"t .... .

4. I don"t like it when people borrow things & don"t .... .

5. I want lớn use the kettle. How vì chưng I .... ?

6. My shoes are dirty. I"d better .... Before going into the house.

Hiển thị đáp án

2. Wake me up

3. Get it out

4. Give them back

5. Switch ig on

6. Take them off

Quảng cáo

Bài 4: Use your own ideas khổng lồ complete the sentences. Use a noun (this newspaper, ...) or a pronoun (it/them/...) + the word in brackets (away/up/...)

1. Don"t throw away this newspaper. I want to keep it. (away)

2. "Do you want this postcasd?" "No, you can throw it away." (away)

3. I borrowed these books from the library. I have to take .... Tomorrow. (back)

4. We can turn .... . Nobody is watching it. (off)

5. A: How did the vase get broken?

B: I"m afraid I knocked .... While I was cleaning. (off)

6. Shh! My mother is asleep. I don"t want khổng lồ wake .... . (up)

7. It"s quite cold. You should put .... If you"re going out. (on)

8. It was only a small fire. I was able to lớn put .... Quite easily. (out)

9. A: Is this khách sạn more expensive than when we stayed here last year?

B: Yes, they"ve put .... . (up)

10. It"s a bit dark in this room. Shall I turn .... ? (on)

Hiển thị đáp án

3. I have to lớn take them back

4. We can turn the television off

5. I knocked it over

6. I don"t want to lớn wake her up

7. You should put your coat

8. I was able khổng lồ put in out

9. They"ve put the price(s)

10. Shall I turn the light (s) on?

Các bài tập Ngữ pháp giờ đồng hồ Anh khác:

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Phrasal verb (cụm hễ từ) là sự kết hợp của động từ với giới từ bỏ hoặc trạng trường đoản cú (được gọi tầm thường là đái từ – particle)

Eg: V+ prep: look for, look like

V+ adv: get away, take off

V+ adv+ prep: catch up with


Nội cụm động từ bỏ (Intransitive phrasal verbs)

Là những nhiều động từ không cần tân ngữ theo sau

Dưới đây là một số những nội các động từ thường xuyên gặp




break down


That old Jeep had a tendency tobreak downjust when I needed it the most.

catch on

phổ biến, thịnh hành

Popular songs seem tocatch onin California first and then spread eastward.

come back

trở về, trở lại

Father promised that we would nevercome backto this horrible pl


come in

vào, bước vào

They tried tocome inthrough the back door, but it was locked.

come to

hồi tỉnh

He was hit on the head very hard, but after several minutes, he started tocome toagain.

come over

đến thăm

The children promised tocome over,

ut they never do.

drop by

ghé thăm

We used lớn justdrop by, but they were never home, so we stopped doing that.

eat out

ăn đơn vị hàng

When we visited Paris, we lovedeating outin the sidewalk cafes.

get by

xoay sở (tài chính)

Uncle Heine didn’t have much money, but he always seemed toget bywithout borrowing money from relatives.

get up

dậy, trở dậy

Grandmother tried toget up, but the couch was too low, & she couldn’t make it on her own.

go back

quay về

It’s hard to lớn imagine that we will evergo backto Lithuania.

go on


He would finish one Dickens novel and then justgo onto the next.

go on (2)


The cops heard all the noise và stopped to see what wasgoing on.

grow up

trưởng thành, mập lên

Charlesgrew upto be a lot like his fathe


keep away

remain at a distance

The judge warned the stalker tokeep awayfrom his victim’s home.

keep on (with gerund)

continue with the same

He tried tokeep onsinginglong after his voice was ruined.

pass out

ngất, bất tỉnh

He had drunk too much; hepassed outon the sidewalk outside the bar.

show off

demonstrate haughtily

Whenever he sat down at the piano, we knew he was going toshow off.

show up


Day after day, Efrainshowed upfor class twenty minutes late.

wake up

tỉnh giấc

Iwoke up

hen the rooster crowed.

2. Ngoại nhiều động từ (Transitive phrasal verbs)

Ngoại các động tự là những các động từ cần phải có tân ngữ theo sau

E.g. 1. We are looking for my key

Remember khổng lồ turn the lights off when going out.

2.1.Ngoại cụm động từ có thể tách bóc (Separable phrasal verbs)

Là những các động từ nhưng mà tân ngữ của nó rất có thể theo sau hoặc bóc tách cụm từ đó ra thành 2 phần.

E.g.You haveto dothis paint jobover.

You haveto bởi vì overthis paint job.

Nhưng khi tân ngữ của nhiều động từ đó là đại tự thì các động từ này thường phải được tách ra làm cho 2.

E.g. You haveto doitover.




blow up


The terrorists tried toblow upthe railroad station.

bring up

mention a topic

My motherbrought upthat little matter of my prison record again.

bring up

nuôi dưỡng

It isn’t easy tobring upchildren nowadays.

call off


Theycalled offthis afternoon’s meeting

do over

làm lại, ôn lại

Dothis homeworkover.

fill out

complete a form

Fill outthis application form and mail it in.

fill up

lấp đầy, điền đầy

Shefilled upthe grocery cart with không tính tiền food.

find out

phát hiện, tìm hiểu ra

My sisterfound outthat her husband had been planning a surprise các buổi party for her.

give away

cho, phân phát

The filling station wasgiving awayfree gas.

give back

trả lại

My brother borrowed my car. I have a feeling he’s not about togiveitback.

Xem thêm: Mục Lục Giải Vbt Văn 6 Tập 2 ), Vở Bài Tập Ngữ Văn 6, Giải Vbt Ngữ Văn 6: Ẩn Dụ

hand in

nộp, đệ trình

The studentshanded intheir papers & left the room.

hang up

gác, treo, móc

Shehung upthe phone before she hung up her clothes.

hold up


I hate tohold upthe meeting, but I have lớn go to lớn the bathroom.

hold up (2)


Three masked gunmenheld upthe Security ngân hàng this afternoon.

leave out


Youleft outthe part about the police chase down Asylum Avenue.

look over

examine, check

The lawyerslooked overthe papers carefully before questioning the witness. (Theylookedthemovercarefully.)

look up

search in a list

You’ve misspelled this word again. You’d betterlookitup.

make up

invent a story or lie

She knew she was in trouble, so shemade upa story about going khổng lồ the movies with her friends.

make out

bịa (chuyện)

He was so far away, we really couldn’tmake outwhat he was saying.

pick out

nhặt ra, lựa chọn ra

There were three men in the line-up. Shepicked outthe guy she thought had stolen her purse.

pick up

hái, lượm

The cranepicked upthe entire house. (Watch thempickitup.)

point out

call attention to

As we drove through Paris, Francoisepointed outthe major historical sites.

put away

save or store

Weput awaymoney for our retirement. Sheput awaythe cereal boxes.

put off


We asked the quái vật toput offthe meeting until tomorrow. (Pleaseputitofffor another day.)

put on

mặc (quần áo), đội, đeo, …

Iput ona sweater and a jacket. (Iputthemonquickly.)

put out


The firefightersput outthe house fire before it could spread. (Theyputitoutquickly.)

read over

đọc lướt

Iread overthe homework, but couldn’t make any sense of it.

set up

arrange, begin

My wifeset upthe living room exactly the way she wanted it. Shesetitup.

take down

make a written note

These are your instructions.Writethemdownbefore you forget.

take off

remove clothing

It was so hot that I had totake offmy shirt.

talk over


We have serious problems here. Let’stalkthemoverlike adults.

throw away


That’s a lot of money! Don’t justthrowitaway.

try on

thử đồ

Shetried onfifteen dresses before she found one she liked.

try out

thử nghiệm

Itried outfour cars before I could find one that pleased me.

turn down

lower volume

Your radio is driving me crazy! Pleaseturnitdown.

turn down (2)


He applied for a promotion twice this year, but he wasturned downboth times.

turn up

raise the volume

Grandpa couldn’t hear, so heturned uphis hearing aid.

turn off

switch off electricity

Weturned offthe lights before anyone could see us.

turn off (2)


It was a disgusting movie. It reallyturnedmeoff.

turn on

switch on the electricity

Turn onthe CD player so we can dance.

use up

exhaust, use completely

The gang membersused upall the money và went out to lớn rob some more banks.

2.3.Ngoại cụm động từ không thể bóc (Separable phrasal verbs)

Là những nhiều động từ tất cả phần tiểu từ không thể tách bóc ra khỏi cồn từ gốc bởi vì nó cất nghĩa của nhiều động từ kia (verb-meaning).




call on

ask lớn recite in class

The teachercalled onstudents in the back row.

call on (2)


The old minister continued tocall onhis sick parishioners.

get over

bình phục, khỏi (bệnh)

Igot overthe flu, but I don’t know if I’ll everget overmy broken heart.

go over


The studentswent overthe material before the exam. They should havegone overit twice.

go through

use up; consume

They countrywent throughmost of its coal reserves in one year. Did hego throughall his money already?

look after

take care of

My mother promised tolook aftermy dog while I was gone.

look into


The police willlook intothe possibilities of embezzlement.

run across

tình cờ gặp

Iran acrossmy old roommate at the college reunion.

run into


Carlosran intohis English professor in the hallway.

take after


My second son seems totake afterhis mother.

wait on


It seemed strange khổng lồ see my old bosswait ontables.

break in on

interrupt (a conversation)

I was talking to Mom on the phone when the operator broke in onour call.

catch up with

bắt kịp

After our month-long trip, it was time tocatch up with the neighbors and the news around town.

check up on

examine, investigate

The boys promised tocheck up onthe condition of the summer house from time to time.

come up with

Đóng góp (suggestion, money)

Nghĩ ra

After years of giving nothing, the old parishioner was able tocome up witha thousand-dollar donation.

We’ve come up with how to deal with the problem

cut down on

cắt giảm

We tried tocut down onthe money we were spending on entertainment.

drop out of

leave school

I hope none of my studentsdrop out ofschool this semester.

get along with

have a good relationship with

I found it very hard toget along withmy brother when we were young.

get away with

trốn tội

Janik cheated on the exam và then tried toget away withit.

get rid of


The citizens tried toget rid oftheir corrupt mayor in the recent election.

get through with


When will you everget through withthat program?

keep up with

theo kịp

It’s hard tokeep up withthe Joneses when you đại bại your job!

look forward to

anticipate with pleasure

I alwayslook forward tothe beginning of a new semester.

look down on

khinh thường

It’s typical of a jingoistic country that the citizenslook down ontheir geographical neighbors.

look in on

visit (somebody)

We were goingto look inon my brother-in-law, but he wasn’t home.

look out for

be careful, anticipate

Good instructors willlook out forearly signs of failure in their students

look up to


First-graders reallylook up totheir teachers.

make sure of


Make sure ofthe student’s identity before you let him into the classroom.

put up with


The teacher had toput up witha great giảm giá khuyến mãi of nonsense from the new students.

run out of

dùng hết

The runnersran out ofenergy before the over of the race.

take care of

be responsible for

My oldest sistertook care ofus younger children after Mom died.

talk back to

answer impolitely

The star playertalked back tothe coach và was thrown off the team.

think back on


I oftenthink back onmy childhood with great pleasure.

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walk out on


Her husbandwalked out onher and their three children.


(trong lịch trình SGK phổ thông)

account for: giải thích, đề cập đếnask for: đòi hỏibreak down = fail , collapse: hỏng, suy sụpbreak out = start suddenly: bùng nổ, bùng phátbring up = raise và educate: nuôi nấngbring about = cause sth lớn happen: xảy ra, sở hữu lạicatch up / catch up with: bắt kịp , theo kịp .call off : bỏ bỏcall on = visit: viếng thămcall up: điện thoại tư vấn điệncarry on: tiến hànhcarry out: tiến hànhcatch up with: theo kịp vớicome along: tiến hànhcome on= begin: bắt đầucome out = appear: xuất hiệncome about = become lower: sút xuống, sa sútcome over = visit: lép thămcome up with: think of : suy nghĩ racool off : (nhiệt tình) nguội lạnh lẽo đi, giảm sút .count on = investigate, examinate: tính, dựa vàodiffer from = not be the same: không giống vớifall behind: thụt lùi, tụt lại đằng sau.fill in : điền vào, ghi vàofill out = discover: mày mò raget over = recover from: vượt qua, tương khắc phụcget up: thức dậyget along / get on with sth: have a good relationship with sb: hòa thuậngive in: nhượng bộ, chịu thua thảm .give up = stop: từ vứt , bỏgo after: theo đuổigo by (thời gian : trôi quago after = chase, pursue: theo đuổi, đuổi đuổigo ahead = be carried out: được diễn ra, tiến hànhgo along = develop, progress: tiến bộgo away: trở nên mất, chảy đi .go back = return: trở lạigo in: vào, bước vào .go off (chuông ): reo, (súng, bom ): nổ, (sữa): chua, hỏng, (thức ăn), (đèn) tắt, (máy móc): hưgo on = continue: tiếp tụcgo over: xem lạigo out (ánh sáng, lửa, đèn): tắtgo up: béo lên, trưởng thành và cứng cáp = grow up, (giá cả): tăng lêngo down: (giá cả): bớt xuốnghold up = stop =delay: hoãn lại, ngừnghurry up: làm cho gấpkeep on = continue: tiếp tụckeep up with: theo kịp , đuổi theo kịp .lay down: đề ralet down: khiến cho ai thất vọnglie down: ở nghỉjot down = make a quick note of something: ghi nhanhlook after: chăm sóclook at: nhìnlook down on sb = coi thườnglook up to lớn sb = respect: kính trọnglook up: tra cứu , tra cứu giúp ( vào sách , tự điển )look for: search kiếmmake out = understand: hiểumake up = invent , put sth together: phạt minh, trộnpass away = die: chếtput on: mang (quần áo) , sở hữu (giày) , đội (mũ) , mở (đèn)put out = make st stop burning , produce: dập tắt , sản xuấtput off = postpone : hoãn lạiput up = build : xây dựngresult in = lead lớn = cause: khiến raspeak up : nói to lớn , nói thẳngset off = begin : khỏi hànhset up = establish : thành lậpset out/ set off: khởi hànhstand by : ủng hộstand for: là viết tắt của…take after = resemble : giốngtake off : toá (quần áo, giày, mũ ); (máy bay) cất cánhtake over = take responsible for st /V-ing:đảm thừa nhận trách nhiệmtake up = start doing: bắt đầu tham giatry out: thửtry on: mặc thử (quần áo)turn down: gạt bỏ, bác bỏ bỏturn off : khóa , tắt (đèn, đồ vật móc, động cơ …)turn on : mở (đèn, vật dụng móc, động cơ …)turn round : xoay lại, đổi khác hướngturn up : mang lại = arrive = appear (xuất hiện)wait up (for): thức ngóng aiwash away: cuốn trôi đi, quét sạchwash up : rửa chén bát đĩa .watch out : đề phòng, chú ýwipe out = remove, destroy completely : xóa bỏ, phá hủy

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