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Trong bài viết này, KISS English sẽ share cho các bạn những bài xích tập thu xếp câu tiếng anh có đáp án xuất xắc và lựa chọn lọc. Hãy theo dõi nhé.

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Bài tập sắp xếp câu trong giờ đồng hồ Anh là dạng bài xích tập tương đối khó với nhiều người bởi câu càng dài, con số từ càng nhiều, càng dễ khiến bạn bị rối. Trong bài viết hôm nay, KISS English sẽ chia sẻ cho chúng ta những bài tập thu xếp câu giờ anh gồm đáp án tuyệt và lựa chọn lọc. 

Bài Tập sắp xếp Câu giờ đồng hồ Anh có Đáp Án

Bài Tập sắp xếp Câu giờ Anh gồm Đáp Ánin/ spring/ What/ like/ is/ the/ weather/ ?isn’t/ going/ to/ Hoi An/ Minh/ next/ week/ .is/ it/ here/ your/ house/ How far/ from/ to/ ?straight/ Go/ turn/ and/ ahead/ right/ .the/ swimming pool/ is/ Where/ ?was/ in/ Nam/ Hanoi/ last month.weather/ in/ what’s/ the/ autumn/ like/ ?National Park/ They/ going/ the/ to/ are/ tomorrowname/ your/ what/ is?am/ Lan/ IPhong/ is/ this?today/ how/ you/ are?thank/ are/ you/ fine/ ,/ weis/ Lan/ Hoa/ and/ am/ this/ IAnn/ am/ hello/ Ithis/ Mai/ her/ is/ name/ is/ my/ momeighteen/ they/ old/ years/ arenot/ he/ is/ today/ finefriends/ chatted/ with/ yesterday/ Iyou/ play/ Did/ last/ hide and seek/ Sunday?on TV/ watched/ cartoons/ Mai/ week/ lasthad/ We/ and/ drink/ nice food/ at/ last/ party/ Sunday/ Mai’sdid/ What/ do/ in/ yesterday/ they/ the park?went/ He/ cinema/ last night/ to/ parents/ with/ hisWednesday/ she/ book/ bought/ a/ at/ comic/ the bookshop/ lastLast/ festival/ had/ school/ sports/ my/ FridayHoa/ in/ the sea/ swam/ yesterdayI/ Phu Quoc/ holiday/ was/ island/ last/ atdate/ is/ today/ what/ the/ ?August/ is/ It/ 26thUnit 2/ Let’s/ at/ lookam/ I/ student/ a/ Le Hong Phong/ School/ at/ Primaryto/ Happy/ you/ birthday gift/ you/ for/ this/ isyou/ school/ at/ Are/ now/ ?lessons/ How/ you/ do/ today/ many/ have/ ?four/ Vietnamese/ a/ He/ week/ times/ has/ .Do /your /you/ không lấy phí /read /books /in /time/?/in / We/ study / past/ và / present / in /events /Vietnam/ and in /the /world/ history.Bài tập thu xếp câu trong giờ AnhBài tập thu xếp câu trong giờ đồng hồ AnhYou /it/ have/ this / book /I /when /can /finish/.study/ I/ a/ twice/ with/ week/ partner/ a/ .English/ English magazines/ by/ reading/ learns/ to/ read/ Tuan/.parents/ My/ in / live/ small/ in / a / the / village / countryside/ in .Except/ He/ khổng lồ / goes / and/ Saturday / school / Sunday /.letter/ a/ writing / is/ sister / My.the / subjects/ vày / most / What/ you/ like/ ?always/ His/ father/ up/ at/ gets/ 5.

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30/ morning/ every.your / Where/ work/ does/ mother ?August / 1st/ born/ I/ 1995/ on/ was.he/ want/ play/ soccer/ not/ doesn’t.works /Her /brother/hospital/ the/ in.yesterday/ Peter/stayed/ home/ at.table/ His/ sport/ favourite/ tennis/is.Song/ They/ the/ Festival/ at/were.do/ you/ What/ be/ want/ in/ future/ the/ to?was/ your/ When / son /born?today/ What/ date/ is/ the?uncle/ works/ farm/ on / My/ the.did / they / What / yesterday / bởi vì ?watching/ We/ TV/ now/ are.dancer/ Lan/ to/ wants/ a/ be.often/ drinks/ Hoa’s/ tea/ father/ dinner/ after.sister/ Nga’s/ a/ Is/ singer/?big bag./ the fish/ They/ in/ a/ put all/before/ usually reads/ My father/ some newspapers/ bedtime.have/ any books/ shelf ?/ bởi you/ on the/a tent/ need/ khổng lồ go camping./ We/early/ always/ wakes up/ in the morning./ She/He found/ under the sofa./ an old watch/school ?/ What time/ home/ after/ bởi vì you go/She/ only/ for/ eats fruits/ breakfast./fridge ?/ drinks/ Are there/ any cold/ in the/to school/ All the/ at 7 o’clock./ students/ must go/the housework/ My mother/ tomorrow./ to do/ is going/pupils/ How many/ your class ?/ in /are there/to dance./ She/ how/ know/ didn’t/language/ he/ Which/ speak ?/ does/My father/ by motorbike./ often goes khổng lồ work/cats and dogs?/ Does/ with/ Ben love playing/let/ Don’t/ play/ near the park./ children/anything/ They/ yesterday evening/ at the supermarket./ didn’t buy/Let’s/ Scarlet’s wedding party./ buy/ present/ for/ a/fishing ?/ never go/ does your father/ Why/

Đáp án:

What is the weather lượt thích in spring?Minh isn’t going to lớn Hoi An next week.How far is it from here to your house?Go straight ahead và turn right.Where is the swimming pool?Nam was in Hanoi last month.What’s the weather like in Autumn?They are going to lớn the National Park tomorrow.What is your name?I am Lan.Is this Phong?How are you today?We are fine, thank you.I am Lan và this is Hoa.Hello, I am Ann.This is my mom, her name is Mai.They are eighteen years old.He is not fine today.I chatted with my friends yesterday.Did you play hide và seek last Sunday?Mai watched cartoons on TV last week.We had nice food và drink at Mai’s các buổi party last Sunday.What did they vày in the part yesterday?He went to cinema with his parents last night.She bought a comic at the bookshop last Wednesday.My school had Sports Festival last Friday.Hoa swam in the sea yesterday.I was at Phu Quoc island last holiday.What is the date today?It is 26th August.Let’s look at Unit 2.I am a student at Le Hong Phong primary school.Happy birthday khổng lồ you. This gift is for you.Are you at school now?How many lessons do you have today?He has Vietnamese four times a week.Do you read books in your không tính tiền time?We study the events in the past & present in Vietnam và in the world in history.Đáp án bố trí câu trong tiếng AnhĐáp án bố trí câu trong giờ đồng hồ AnhYou can have this book when you finish it.I study twice a week with my partner.Tuan learns English by reading English magazines.My parents live in a small village in the countryside.He goes to lớn school except Saturday và Sunday.My sister is writing a letter.What subject vày you lượt thích the most?His father always gets up at 5.30 every morning.Where does your mother work?I was born on 1st, August 1995.He doesn’t want to lớn play soccer.Her brother works in the hospital.Peter stayed at trang chủ yesterday.His favorite sport is table tennis.They were at the song festival.What vì you want to lớn be in the future?When was your son born?What is the date today?My uncle works on the farm.What did they vày yesterday?We are watching TV now.Lan wants to lớn be a dancer.Hoa’s father often drinks tea after dinner.Is Nga’s sister a singer?They put all the fish in a big bag.My father usually reads some newspapers before bedtime .Do you have any books on the shelf?We need a ten to go camping.She always wakes up early in the morning.He found an old watch under the sofa.What time vị you go home after school?She only eats fruits for breakfast.Are there any cold drinks in the fridge?All the student must go to school at 7 o’clock.My mother is going to vì the housework tomorrow.How many pupils are there in your class?She didn’t know how khổng lồ dance.Which language does he speak?My mother often goes lớn work by motorbike.Does Ben love playing with cats and dogs?Don’t let children play near the park.They didn’t buy anything yesterday morning at the supermarket.Let buy a present for Scarlet’s wedding party.Why does your father never go fishing?

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1. In/ spring/ What/ like/ is/ the/ weather/ ?