Bài Tập Sự Hòa Hợp Giữa Chủ Ngữ Và Dộng Từ Có Đáp Án Violet


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I. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

1. Everyone on the board of directors …….. With the planned merger.

A. Agreeing

B. Agree

C. Have agreed

D. Agrees

2. Success in business ……… certain strategies that satisfy both the employer & the employees.

A. Requires

B. Is required

C. Require

D. Requiring

3. Not only the painting method but also the colors …………… the intervest of art critics.

A. Has aroused

B. Arouses

C. Have aroused

D. Arousing

4. The number of corrections made during the first stage ……….. The charges significantly.

A. Has influenced

B. Are influencing

C. Have influenced

D. Influencing

5. Every staff member ……. To lớn be trained in security procedures to ensure the safety of customer’s private information.

A. Requirement

B. Requires

C. Is required

D. Requiring

6. Our trang web has a page that ……….. Frequently asked questions by its users.

A. Answer

B. Was answered

C. Answers

D. Answering

7. The benefits of exercising regularly while pregnant ……. Staying sedentary during pregnancy.

A. Surpass

B. Is surpassing

C. Surpassing

D. Surpassed

8. The decision regarding the merger of the two companies …… lớn the public yesterday.

A. Was announced

B. Announced

C. Were announced

D. Announcing

9. Thanks to lớn the recent anti-smoking campaign, the number of smokers in the country ………

A. Has reduced

B. Lớn reduce

C. Reduce

D. Having reduced

10. The regulations governing animal research ……… many provisions lớn safeguard animal welfare.

A. Contains

B. Have been contained

C. Contain

D. Is containing


II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D:

1. A large number of students in this school………. . English quite fluently.

a. Speaks

b. Is speaking

c. Has spoken

d. Speak

2. A series of lectures………being presented at the Central Hall this week.

a. Are

b. Will be

c. Has become

d. Is

3. Beauty as well as health ………. Failed her this term.

a. Has

b. Have

c. Is

d. Are

4. Bread and butter ………. What she asks for.

a. Is

b. Are

c. Will be

d. Have been

5. Each student………. Answered the first three questions.

a. Has

b. Have

c. Have to

d. Must

6. Either John or his wife ………breakfast each morning.

a. Make

b. Is making

c. Makes

d. Made

7. Everybody who ………. A fever must go home at once.

a. Has

b. Have

c. Is having

d. Are having

8. Five dollars ………all I have onme.

a. Are

b. Is

c. Will be

d. Have

9. John, along with twenty friends, ………. Planning a party.

a. Are

b. Is

c. Has been

d. Have been

10. Mathematics………. . The science of quantity.

a. Was

b. Are

c. Is

d. Were

11. Measles………cured without much difficulty nowadays.

a. Is

b. Are

c. Will be

d. Have

12. Neither Mary nor her brothers……a consent khung for tomorrow’s field trip.

a. Need

b. Needs

c. Is needing

d. Has need

13. Peter, together with his uncle,……………fishing.

a. Have gone

b. Has gone

c. Go

d. Goes

14. The army…………. Eliminated this section of the training test.

a. Has

b. Is having

c. Are

d. Have

15. The number of the months in a year…………twelve.

a. Was

b. Were

c. Are

d. Is

16. The picture of the soldiers………. . Back many memories.

a. Will bring

b. Brings

c. Bring

d. Have brought

17. These pictures, as well as the photograph………. . The room.

a. Brightens

b. Brightening

c. Brighten

d. Being brightened

18. The unique of the recordings ………. . Not very good.

a. Is

b. Are

c. Is being

d. Has been

19. This house as well as that one………. . For sale, which will you have?

a. Are

b. Is

c. Have

d. Has

20. To lớn what place ………either the man or his son wish lớn go?

a. Is


c. Do

d. Are

21. Twenty miles………. A long way khổng lồ walk.

a. Are

b. Was

c. Is

d. Were

22. What he told you………. . Lớn be of no importance.

a. Seems

b. Seem

c. Must seem

d. Have seemed

23. Mathematics………. . Not always an exact science.

a. Was

b. Are

c. Is

d. Were

24. Mr. John, accompanied by several members of the committee,………. . Proposedsome changes of the rules.

a. Have

b. Has

c. Are

d. Is

25. The flock of birds…………. . Circling overhead.

a. Gets

b. Are

c. Is

d. Get

26. The levels of intoxication…………. From subject to subject.

a. Has been varied

b. Havebeen varied

c. Varies

d. Vary

27. The majority of the students………. . Him to be innocent.

a. Was made

b. Believe

c. Makes

d. Make

28. The pair of the pliers………. . On the table.

a. Was

b. Were

c. Put

d. Puts

29. The use of credit cards in place of cash………. . Increased rapidly in recenty ears.

a. Have been

b. Has been

c. Has

d. Have

30. Advertisements on television…………. . Becoming more competitive than ever before.

a. Has

b. Have

c. Are

d. Is


III. Supply the correct tenses và form of the verbs in parentheses:

1. The English (be) ………. Famous for their calmness.

2. The money that (spend) …………. On education every year (be) ………not enough.

3. The number of employees who (not, finish) …………. Their work yet (have) ………. . Lớn work on the weekend.

4. The office (close) …………on the weekend.

5. The office (try) ………a lot lớn win the boss’s heart recently.

6. Five kilos of gold (steal) ………. . From the bank yesterday.

7. Physics (cause) …………you any trouble at school.

8. Yesterday, neither you nor I (choose) …………. To lớn deliverthe speech. So who (choose)………. ?- Daisy và Ann (be) ……….

9. That you enjoy the food I cook (encourage) …………. Me a lot.

10. When I (see) …………you yesterday, the boy in black trousers (try) ……. . Lớn steal your wallet.

11. The contracts signed by the company (have) …………been voided because some stipulations were not met.

12. Ten miles (be) ………. A very long distance for us khổng lồ walk.

13. Each package that is not properly wrapped (have) ………. . To be returned to the sender.

14. The keys of the house (have) ………. Been lost.

15. The plan as well as the proposals (be) ………. . To lớn be presented in the coming Monday meeting.

16. The box of ribbons for the electric typewriter (have) ………. . Been misplaced.

17. It is disconcerting khổng lồ believe that every possible candidate (have) ……. . Been rejected for one reason or another.

18. There (have) ………. Been more excitement in this thành phố about a sporting event.

19. Lớn me, Mathematics (be) ………something very easy to lớn master.

20. If nobody (have) ………. . Bought that car from the dealer, then you should return & make another offer.

IV. Correct the sentences if necessary. Check (√) s any that are already correct:

1.The Chinese has an interesting history.

2. English is one of the most popular language in the world.

3. The scissors on the table is my sister’s.

4. Linguistics is my major field of study.

5. There are good furniture in this showroom.

6. The cattle is grazing in the meadow.

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7. The interrogation, conducted by the police officers, have lasted for several hours.

8. The tenants in the apartment next to mine is giving a các buổi party this evening.

9. The president, surrounded by secret service agents, is trying khổng lồ make his way to lớn the podium.

10. The buildings destroyed during the fire are being rebuilt at the taxpayers’ expense.

11. đôi mươi percent of the forest have been destroyed lately.

12. The witnesses saw that most of the fire in the hills was extinguished.

13. Some of the animals from the zoo was released into the animal spreserve.

14. All of the students in the class taught by Professor Roberts is required to turn in their term papers next Monday.

15. Half of the food that we are serving to lớn the guests are still in there frigerator.

16. We believe that some of the employees is going to be devoted to unique control.

17. It is impossible to believe that somebody actually admire that man.

18. Each of the doctors in the building needs to have a separate reception area.

19. The president felt that no one were better suited for the position of chief staff advisor.

20. Everybody participating in the fund-raiser are khổng lồ turn in the tickets by 8.00.

V. Complete the sentences with is/ are, has/ have or does/do.

1. Either John or you ………. . Lớn be responsible for the unfinished work.

2. David, as well as his friends, …………collecting waste paper to lớn recycle.

3. John and Helen ……. . Not admit to lớn have broken the window.

4. Neither Tom nor his friends………. . Lost the keys

5. Both Peter và his girlfriend………. Working for a bank.

6. Neither the library nor the bookstore…………the book Ineed.

7. Tom as well as his two close friends ………not in class today.

8. Both Ron và Bob ………passed the exam successfully.

9. One of the staffs………. Lớn report the problem khổng lồ the manager.

10. Either the girl or her parents…………going khổng lồ be present at the party.

VI. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in brackets into the correct form:

1. Two weeks (go) fast when you are on vacation.

2. Many of the girls in my school (wear) white shirts.

3. Three kilos of potatoes (make) the basket heavier.

4. Some of the tables in the classroom (be) broken.

5. Bacteria of the harmful kind (cause) diseases.

6. What we need most (be) books.

7. The English (be) proud và independent people.

8. The United States (have) a population of 250 million.

9. There (be, not) any letters in the mail for you today.

10. Everyone in both cars (be) injured in the accident last night.

11. The books borrowed from the library (be) on my desk.

12. The boy who won the two medals (be) a friend of mine.

13. Bread và butter (be) our daily food.

14. The chất lượng of the candies (be) poor.

15. Gold, as well as platinum, (have) recently risen inprice.

16. His courage & endurance (be) tried to the utmost.

17. No news (be) good news.

18. A good man and useful citizen (have) passed away.

19. The jury (be) divided in their opinions.

20. The cost of all these articles (have) risen.

VII. Lựa chọn dạng đúng của hễ từ vào ngoặc

1. The trousers you bought for me (doesn’t/ don’t) fit me.

2. Physics (was/ were) my best subject at school.

3. Fortunately the news (wasn’t/ weren’t) as bad as we had expected.

4. The police (wants/ want) lớn interview Fred about a robbery.

5. Three days (isn’t/ aren’t) long enough for a good holiday.

6. Where (does/ do) your family live?

7. England (have/ has) lost all their football matches this season.

8. (Does/ Do) the police know about the stolen money?

9. Can I borrow your scissors? Mine (isn’t/ aren’t) sharp enough,

10. I’m going lớn take a taxi. Six miles (is/ are) too far for me khổng lồ walk.

11. John, along with twenty friends, (is/ are) planning a party.

12. The picture of the soldiers (bring/ brings) back a lot of memories.

13. If the duties of these officers (isn’t/ aren’t) reduced, there will not be enough time lớn finish the project.

14. Advertisements on television (is/ are) becoming more competitive than ever before.

15. Living expenses in this country, as well as in many others, (is/are) at an all-time high.


Đáp án Bài cộng sự hòa đúng theo giữa công ty ngữ và đụng từ

I. Choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

1 – D; 2 – A; 3 – C; 4 – A; 5 – C;

6 – C; 7 – A; 8 – A; 9 – A; 10 – C;

II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D:

1. D. A number of luôn luôn kết hợp với động trường đoản cú số nhiều.

2. A 3. A 4. B. Bread và butter được coi là những công ty riêng biệt.

5. A 6. C 7. A

8. B. Những danh trường đoản cú chỉ thời gian, tiền bạc, khoảng cách thường kết phù hợp với động tự số ít.

9. B 10. C 11. A 12. A 13. B 14. A

15. D. The number of luôn luôn kết phù hợp với động từ số ít. 16. B

17. C. Động tự kết phù hợp với chủ từ these pictures, không kết hợp với danh trường đoản cú theo sau as well as.

18. A 19. B 20. B 21. C 22. A

23. C. Tên những môn học tập kết hợp với động từsố ít. 24. B 25. C

26. D 27. B 28. A 29. C. Động từ kết hợp với chủ ngữ solo use.

30. C

III. Supply the correct tenses and form of the verbs in parentheses:

1. Are8. Was chosen; was chosen; were15. Is
2. Is spent; is9. Encourages16.has
3. Hasn’t finished; has10. Saw; was trying17. Has
4. Is closed11. Have18. Has
5. Have tried12. Is19. Is
6. Was stolen13. Has20. Has
7. Does physics14. Have cause

IV. Correct the sentences if necessary. Kiểm tra (√) s any that are already correct:

1. Has-have 8. Is-are 15. Are-is

2. Language-languages 9. √ 16. √

3. Is-are 10. √ 17. Admire-admires


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11. Have-has 18. √

5. Are-is 12. √ 19. Were-was

6. Is-are 13. Was-were 20. Are-is

7. Have-has 14. Is-are

V. Complete the sentences with is/ are, has/ have or does/do.

1. Have 4. Have 7. Is 10. Are

2. Is 5. Are 8. Have

3. Vị 6. Has 9. Has

VI. In each of the following sentences, put the verb in brackets into the correct form:

1. Goes 8. Has 15. Has

2. Wear 9. Aren’t 16. Is (was)

3. Makes 10. Was 17. Is (was)

4. Are 11. Are 18. Has

5. Cause 12. Is 19. Are (were)

6. Is 13. Is 20. Has

7. Are 14. Is

VII. Lựa chọn dạng đúng của đụng từ vào ngoặc

1 – don’t; 2 – was; 3 – wasn’t; 4 – want; 5 – isn’t;

6 – do; 7 – has; 8 – do; 9 – aren’t; 10 – is;

11 – is; 12 – brings; 13 – aren’t; 14 – are; 15 – are;

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