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Nội dung text: Đề thi khảo sát unique các nhóm tuyển học tập sinh xuất sắc môn tiếng Anh Lớp 8 - Mã đề 801 - Năm học tập 2019-2020 - Đỗ Bình

NEW LOWER SECONDARY CURRICULUM và TEXTBOOK - PRACTICAL test 801 PHÒNG GD&ĐT KÌ THI KSCL CÁC ĐỘI TUYỂN HSG trung học cơ sở Năm học tập 2019-2020 Trường trung học cơ sở ĐỀ THI MÔN: TIẾNG ANH (Thời gian 90 phút) ĐỀ SỐ 801 I. Choose the most suitable words or phrases lớn complete the sentences: (8 points) 1. I can see a boy___ a water buffalo. A. Ride B. Riding C. To lớn ride D. Rode 2. It’s___ lớn travel around Vietnam. A. Interesting B. Interested C. Interestingly D. Interestedly 3. Would you mind___ the windows? A. Lớn close B. Closing C. Close D. Closed 4. ___ you mind if I smoke? A. Could B. Don’t C. Vị D. Would 5. She cried___ when she heard that news. A. Exciting B. Excited C. Excitingly D. Excitedly 6. My sister likes sweets___ from chocolate. A. Making B. Made C. To make D. Make 7. This is the first time Shannon___ rice paddies. A. Is seeing B. Saw C. See D. Has seen 8. There are flights daily to lớn Ho chi Minh City___ Monday. A. Besides B. After C. Except D. On II. Choose the most suitable tense of the verb in parentheses: (8 points) 1. Millions of old oto tires (throwing/thrown) away every year (can be recycled/ can recycle) to make pipes & floor coverings. 2. Last week, the Browns (were paddling/paddled) around Xuan Huong Lake when it (was started/ started) raining. 3. Mrs. Nga (is getting/ gets) wet now because she (always leaves/ is always leaving) her umbrella at home. 4. It’s expensive (to travel/ travel) lớn Nha Trang by plane. Would you mind (to go/going) by train? III. Combine each pair of sentences, using V-ing or V-ed: (4 points) Eg 1: The boy is Ba. He’s reading the book. → The boy reading the book is Ba. Eg 2: The old lamp is £5. It’s made in China.→ The old lamp made in đài loan trung quốc is £5. 1. The baby is crying for her mother. She is sitting in an armchair.→ ___ 2. The boy was taken to the hospital. He was injured in the accident.→ ___ 3. Bởi vì you know the woman? The woman is talking to lớn Tom. → ___ 4. The window has been repaired. It was broken last night.→ ___ IV. Use the words to make sentences. (10 points) 1. I/ wet/ through/If I/ know/ it/ rain/ I/take/ umbrella. 2. Please/ not/ interrupt/ me/ before/ I/ finish/ talk. 3. She/ remind / him / go / post office / buy / stamps. 4. Boy/ beg/ father / help / him / homework. 5. How long/ it/ you/ get/ your school/ bus. V. Rewrite these sentences. (10 points) 1. This shirt is too dirty for me to lớn wear. This shirt isn’t 2. The ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids.  The Pyramids 3. The windows were painted yesterday.  Someone 4. ”Where is the Ben Thanh market?”  He asked me By Đỗ Bình – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh PhucNEW LOWER SECONDARY CURRICULUM và TEXTBOOK - PRACTICAL thử nghiệm 801 5. I don’t visit you very often because you live so far away.  If 6. You rarely ought khổng lồ have a baby. - It’s high time 7. I prefer driving to lớn travelling by train. - I’d . 8. I prefer going for a swim to lớn playing tennis. - I prefer lớn 9. I’d rather wait a few minutes than leave now. - I prefer khổng lồ . 10. I’m sure Ken didn’t steal that bicycle. -Ken can’t VI. Find the word or phrase that is SIMILAR in meaning to the underlined one. (5 points) 1. Why did you raise that question during the discussion? A. Bring up B. Look up C. Try out D. Think out 2. Some parents recover from an operation quickly. A. Bring up B. Call for C. Get in D.

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Get over 3. Don’t you want to lớn remove your coat? A. Put on B. Put off C. Take off D. Try on 4. When does the train arrive? A. Get up B. Get in C. Get on D. Keep up 5. Your composition was poorly organized, you must vị it again. A. Hand it in B. Pick it out C. Rewrite it D. Repeat it VII. Find the word whose underlined part is pronounced different from others. (5 points) 1. A. Geology B. Psychology C. Classify D. Photography 2. A. Idiom B. Ideal C. Sản phẩm D. Identical 3. A. Children B. Child C. Mild D. Wild 4. A. Both B. Myth C. With D. Sixth 5. A. Helped B. Booked C. Hoped D. Waited VIII. Choose A, B, C, or D that best fits each space in the following text. (5 points) In Germany, it"s important to be serious in a work situation. They don"t set work và play so you shouldn"t make jokes (1)___ you vì in the UK & USA when you first meet people. They work in a very organized way and prefer to bởi one thing at a time. They don"t like· interruptions or (2)___ changes of schedule. Punctuality is very important so you should arrive on time for appointments. At meeting, it"s important lớn follow the agenda & not interrupt (3)___ speaker. If you give a presentation, you should focus (4)___ facts & technical information and the chất lượng of your company"s products. You should also prepare well, as they may ask a lot of questions. Colleagues normally use the family names, and title - for example "Doctor" or "Professor", so you shouldn"t use first names (5)___ a person asks you to. 1. A. While B. As if C. Such as D. As 2. A. Sudden B. Suddenly C. Abruptly D. Promptly 3. A. Other B. Others C. Another D. The other 4. A. On B. To C. At D. In 5. A. If only B. As C. Unless D. Since IX. Put the words in the correct form. (10 points) 1. She is a (beauty) singer & she sings (beauty) 2. Everybody works (quiet) in the library. 3. My parents enjoy the (peaceful) of the countryside. 4. Nguyen does everything (differently) from his classmates. 5. Nga felt (extreme) upset about losing her job. 6. People in my country are very warm và (friend). 7. I’m (extreme) sorry for the delay. 8. An (orphan) is a trang chủ for children whose parents are dead. 9. L.A Hill is a (humor) writer. 10. She looks more (beauty) than her sister. X. Combine the following sentences, use the structure “ENOUGH TO”. (5 points) 1. Cha is tall. He can play volleyball. By Đỗ Bình – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh PhucNEW LOWER SECONDARY CURRICULUM và TEXTBOOK - PRACTICAL demo 801 2. Lan is intelligent. She can bởi vì that test. 3. Hoa is skillful. She can make her own handkerchief. 4. His parent are rich. The can buy a new car. 5. Phong và Thu aren’t tall. They can’t play basketball. Total: ./70 ___THE END___ By Đỗ Bình – Lien Son High School, Lap Thach, Vinh Phuc